Cosy home stays - for some, it's cosy evenings with the family playing board games, for others relaxing at home means time to yourself with a good book, a film, a TV series or just being with your thoughts in front of the fire. It is not for nothing that it is said that the fireplace is the centre of the home, where we gather, talk, rest and meditate while watching a real fire that gives off an indescribably pleasant warmth for body and soul. Agree that a fireplace smouldering in the background of our idyllic home creates a calm and very cosy home atmosphere.

Themission of the heat carrier is to create cosiness in every home, whether you live in a private house, a cottage or a small apartment. A handmade bio fireplace can inhabit the largest and smallest spaces. Its main advantage is its compactness. It is not only easy to use and enjoy, but also to carry with you. Enjoy a living flame in your dining room, kitchen, living room, bathroom, study or even take it with you to the countryside. The Heat Carrier concrete bioethanol fireplaces are designed for use on terraces and balconies. Going for a relaxing holiday by the lake? Relaxing in nature is increasingly becoming the choice of many of us when we want to get away from the rhythms of the city, and a handmade bio fireplace will help you relax and meditate, so we suggest you take it with you, it weighs just 5 kilograms.

Family fireplace - a gift for newlyweds

Thesymbolism of the family fireplace has always been a part of Lithuanian weddings. It is a sign of interconnection and harmony, and underpins the fundamental values of two people. Have you ever thought of a family fireplace that reminds you of the moments of celebration, but remains somewhere in the corner of a shelf? We're happy to change that and say that the family fireplace can become one of the most popular home décor accents, inviting family and friends to come together. On those long, cold nights of the year, it's all about flipping through photo albums, relaxing and enjoying the magic of a living flame. A heat carrier can be a truly special and precious gift for newlyweds.

Let's not forget that all of us like to enjoy practical gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings, anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day. Give a handmade bio-fireplace, designed and made in Lithuania, that is as easy to use as it is to enjoy.

Choose your own Heat Bearer

What kind of fireplaces do we offer?

All our handmade fireplaces will easily adapt to your home interior and mood, you just need to choose the shape and finish you want. We offer rectangular and oval fireplaces. We prefer concrete or stone. Why? Because these materials are unique in their patterns and shades, so there are no identical fireplaces, they are all different in their own way, all with their own character. Do you like luxury and your home has a marble aesthetic? Then choose from the shades of marble or granite stone that suit you best and that you like. Do you have a home dominated by calm, pastel colours and admire urban or minimalist home interiors? Then concrete fireplaces will complete and fill your home with their simplicity. And don't forget that we also offer a choice of colours. Concrete fireplaces can be white or black, and for those who like grey, we'll leave the fireplace as it was born. In modern interiors, a rusted fireplace will find its place. The corten matal dust in the paint, after processing, turns into distinctive rust patterns and shades.

Sustainable handmade bio-fireplaces will delight everyone's heart. Give real emotions and fill your home with cosiness.


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