Aesthetics in your kitchen

Our goal is to create home interiors that are not only eye-catching and beautiful, but also practical and convenient every day. Inspired by Nordic minimalism, Heat Bearer has created a tableware collection with soft colour tones and aesthetic lines. Have you ever thought that we spend most of our time in the kitchen? The kitchen is where the main life of the home takes place. Making the morning coffee, preparing a plate of snacks, having a quick chat with family members who are always in a hurry, and sometimes even slow, pleasant cooking. We've come up with it all - our basic idea is practicality and style in one. Convenient utensils that do their job: a bowl for salt or sugar, decorative plates/trays in three different sizes create a minimalist finishing touch to your home interior. Handmade crockery and decorations easily adapt to the mood of any home interior.

Decorative coasters

Practical yet distinctive sets of decorative coasters inspired by the hygge mood. Scandinavian home furnishings are fascinating in their form and functionality. Unique handmade plates are not limited to the kitchen - create unique accents in the bathroom, hallway, living room or any other home and office space you choose. The grey, concrete solid trays are perfect for serving snacks, fruit, vegetables, sweets and biscuits. As we said, create your own mood and use the trays wherever you want them most. The soft colours will look great in any home or office space.

Thanks to their minimalist design, the decorative placemats in three different sizes blend in easily with the rest of the interior.

Containers for sugar or salt

Charming jars specially designed to hold sugar or salt. This handmade box will blend in perfectly with other kitchen or dining room items or utensils. The neutral grey coloured jars have lids and a well for a spoon. This stylish kitchen accent will not only be a practical but also a distinctive choice for your kitchen. After all, we want harmony and peace to prevail in all our homes, which is created by the things we have in our favourite space. Of course, it's also important that not only the kitchen but also the other rooms of the house are well organised, so choose items that are both practical and add value to the interior. The handmade concrete boxes with lids by Heat Carrier are designed and made in Kaunas, Lithuania. We remind you that each box is unique because of the patterns and shades dictated by concrete.

Gifts for home and self

Minimalist design items - boxes, decorative trays and plates - can be an exceptional gift for yourself, your home, your relatives, friends or colleagues. For those who appreciate convenience and practicality, these home furnishings will bring joy not only to the owners but also to the home. Stylish accents can be a wonderful gift for office colleagues who love handmade items and support Lithuanian businesses.

If you are looking for something to give for Christmas, a birthday or housewarming, take a look around the Šilumos nešėčio online shop for handmade bio fireplaces, dishes and decorative utensils.


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Set of decorative pallets PLATO

Price €65.00

Handmade trays are practical and exclusive.

The interior details of the home in a Scandinavian mood fascinate with their shapes and functionality.

Unique, soft gray handmade plates are not limited to the kitchen - create exclusive accents in the bathroom, corridor, living room or other selected home and office space.

Thanks to minimalism, decorative pallets easily go well with other interior details.

Small pallet: 15 cm x 15 cm

Average pallet: 25 cm x 26 cm

Large pallet: 26 cm x 42 cm

Care: cleaning with a damp cloth.

Designed and manufactured in Lithuania, Kaunas.

Each product is unique in that it is made by hand, so the shades or pattern may differ from the photos presented on the Internet.

Concrete box with lid SOLTO

Price €28.00

A box with a minimalist design with a lid is designed to store salt or sugar, but we always leave room for your desires and completions of the home interior, so use a box and store important, small things, create home comfort in the details.

The stylish and aesthetically pleasing concrete jar is covered with a special impregnator (suitable for surfaces that may come into contact with food), which will protect bulk or important products from moisture.

Dimensions of the handmade box: 7x10 cm.

Manufactured and created in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Each product is unique in that it is made by hand, so the shades or pattern may differ from the photos presented on the Internet.