The "Silumo" is a project born to bring coziness to every home. His idea arose precisely when we were looking for something that would be warm and cozy for our home. What we found on the market did not meet our expectations - we wanted not only a function, but also an aesthetic appearance. Therefore, an impromptu thought was born – if I can't find something that would fulfill the vision, maybe implement it myself? There were many experiments – it was necessary to recover the shape and elegance of the biofireplace, sustainability and ecology.

When we began to enjoy the first biofireplace in our homes, it did not go unnoticed by everyone who came to our house. Not a single one began to ask them to create something similar for them too – that's how "The Bearer of Heat" came about.

I continue to maintain the fundamental values and principles that were important from the very beginning – form, elegance, sustainability and ecology. Therefore, creation and experiments in these directions do not end there.

When creating "The Bearer of Heat", I use two very different sides of my personality – the artist's point of view (I am a photographer, so I am constantly looking for forms and aesthetics - if you were interested, you could look at the page, and engineering abilities (I have an engineer's education).

In the biofireplace "Silumo" four elements (earth, water, air, fire) collide, this is also hidden by the logo of this product. The spirit of these four elements and I carry it to every home.